Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I am Still Alive

In poetry club today, my colleague shared this spoken word performance to remind students of the ways in which they are lucky. Sometimes we all need a reminder not to sweat the small stuff. Students were encouraged to find inspiration in the poem and write their own. Shout out to Ms. Heffner for finding the inspiring poem and leading the club meeting! Remember to look for inspiration in your surroundings and the people around you, and please share if you find a great poetry performance or written piece!

Here is mine, inspired by a line from Rudy Francisco’s poem “Complainers” – I took a line from his poem for my title.

“I am Still Alive”
By Amber Counts

I am still alive.

I didn’t always think I’d make it,
and don’t think my story
is the most tragic –
others have had it much worse –
but things weren’t always easy,
and I often dreamed
of being somewhere else –
sometime else –
someone else –
but I’m still here.
Still present in the now.
Still me.
Sometimes I went without
But eventually,
I found most of them.
They say that
What doesn’t kill you
Makes you stronger.
I’m a freaking Jedi Master.
Wonder Woman.

And I am still alive.