Friday, March 4, 2016

Ode to Y'all

Ode to Y’all
by Amber Counts

Oh, much-maligned word –
misunderstood –
only spoken by hicks,
hillbillies, rednecks –
the under-educated,

Poor “y’all” – unappreciated –
judged by the way you look,
how you sound,
but I haven’t found
a more inclusive way
to address a crowd.

You see, y’all,
“you guys” leaves at least half
of all people out of your address;
the inclusiveness of y’all
simply must impress
you for its simplicity and cohesiveness.

It’s not “hick” at all;
it’s a perfect contraction
and therefore should meet
with your satisfaction.

I say “y’all” because
you all matter.
Every single one of you.
You all.